The Myths That Have Surrounded Skin Care For Ages


Everyone talks about skin care these days. It’s a topic that is discussed very commonly with much interjections and everyone having their own ideas about it. And to add to all these ideas is the fact that there is so much of information o it available on the internet, each one vastly different from the other that it has caused a great confusion amongst the public as to which regime to follow and what is best for their skin. And after trying something for a long time we come to the realization that not everything that is written turns out to be true and effective. So let’s have a look at the common misconceptions.

The effective products are the ones that cost more

The general public are always mislead when they look at the prices of items. It can be clothes, shoes, grocery or acne treatment, we feel that price is directly proportional to the quality or effectiveness of the product. Although there are some expensive products out there in the market that are extremely effective it does not necessarily have to be that way with the lesser prices range of products. What we should actually be paying close attention to is the ingredients in these products rather than the price. Always be on the watch out for products containing vitamin c, glycolic acid or lactic acid in the list of ingredients, which are effective in maintaining healthy skin.

The stronger the product the more effective

We are under the misconception that skin care included washing away the dirt on our skin, almost like detergent. And we feel like the stronger the soaps and face washes the more effective they will be in cleaning and making our skin healthier. But the moment you step into any skin clinic the first thing they tell you is that they use the most mild products in the market because strong product tend to irritate your skin and you skin will not be able to handle such irritation for long periods of time. So you need milder products that your skin can with stand on the long run. But we must always keep in mind that attempting to stop our skin from aging or developing blemishes is a gradual process which will take time and not something that can be achieved in a sprint. So patient plays an important role in achieving your goals. And once you see beautiful, glowing skin on the mirror don’t be misled that all the pampering can be stopped. You have to continue to maintain your regime on the long run.


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