Reselling Your Car

Having owed a car for years , many people may decide it is time to get a new uptodate one, the next thing for them to do is to sell their old car and purchase a new one. The first thing to be done is for the seller to find out how marketable the car they wish to sell is, is it a car that will be easily sold once advertised or should there be extra work in getting it sold. The seller also needs to realize that the cost they set for the car should also be taken into consideration, if the car is not that marketable and easy to be sold, will they be willing to reduce the price to get it sold. In pricing the car to be sold the owner should compare the price they want for it with the market price of such car they may compare prices in the classified or the seller may ask other car owner how much they would sell that particular car for, so they may have a better chance of selling the vehicle.

The the next move for the seller would be to make the car look more appealing, in making the car more appealing the owner needs to clean the car real thoroughly, this involves washing and vaccum the car, wipe windows the brakes, clean mirrors and shovel all junks. To sell the car, the seller should also ensure that it works properly hence they need to have a mechanic check out the chauffeured van hire Melbourne for any disfunctions then make minor replairs if necessary, after which the owner needs to know where and when they want to advertise the car. Advertising can be done online, in classifieds, on message boards or via word of mouth.

Also,  advertising may be done by parking the car with the “for sale” sign at a central location with a telephone number, that interested buyers may call for information, the information given to them should let them know they are getting a great offer, when showing the car to potential buyers, the seller should be on the alert as some of these people are there soley for the wrong reasons, such as inspecting the car to figure out if the have any chance of stealing it, therefore sellers should have another person present when showing off the car just to be careful, after going through all the prospective buyers and someone decides they want to purchase the vehicle the next thing to do is to negotiate the price, as many times the original price is negotiated, so there is a win win situation for all. After the selling price is agreed upon, the next thing would be to finalize the sale that is signing all the necessary document and handing over the liscening and registration to the new owner, once that is done the money is paid to the seller and the car given to the buyer this means the seller is no longer responsible for it so anything happes thereafter has nothing to be with the seller, but everything to do with the new owner. To know more about Melbourne chauffeur service, visit

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